hey zoe its ben awad here just want to say i love you ily
      Wanna hook who r u hahaha
      thanks zoe was hoping you'd say that <3 hahahahaha <3
      top 1 asian in year 8 in mentone whos name starts with v? one and only, Viccy D!!!!
      top 5 closest boys at mentone? ahhh too hard to do top five i love everyone
      ur so yum u make me stiff ew hahaha
      I dont think you would why not, inbox me
      hi zoe hello
      Vicky vs Benny vs Lachie, who wins all great boys, not that close with Benny! Victor is good fun and we are close friends but Lachie is my bff lol
      Zoe, you are very nice, kind, happy, social person. Mybe we get to know better. hahaha thanks :) I would love to get to know you better
      zoe <3 anon <3
      you are the nicest person i know! thats so kind haha
      sexy girl :P
      favourite yr 8s everyone
      WASAP SEXY hahaha not much
      hi hi
      how sick is ben awads dunk nearly took the ring off the brick wall
      his dunk burnt the house down huge dunk
      damn sugartits hahaaha you finneeee
      is that a phone in your back pocket? cos dat ass is calling me steeeeevvvo
      yo yo yo benny awad in the house more like lachie, victor or ab
      heyyyy hey