hiiii hiiiiii
      vas happenin' nathing much hbu??
      hi its pranav uh huh, it isn't, you are rishal pranav's brother -.-
      How do you even chat on this thing? i think it's like broken AGAIN! i give up >:(
      HIIII hiiiiii
      es homem ou mulher what? haha
      manda me o face huh?
      es homem ou mulhre ?
      oi ilyy
      ola ily
      hey hii
      hey heyy :)
      THATS YOU ;) HAHA im a horse, yep thats me:)
      neigh horse
      moo cow
      quack duck
      HONK ahah what??
      ily i love me to <3 haha talk to me :)
      why are you so amazing? :) <3 hahahah idk you tell me