Hiiiii .x

      i think i'm in love With who?
      you are sweet !!! Like you!
      helloooo Hiiiiii .x
      És linda. Obrigada (:
      but im feeling like that and i know nobody 'll look at me or else, coz im so ugly. i cut every single night, what should i do? Stop cutting right now. STOP. You're beautiful, what matters what people say? They're stupids, they don't have lifes, so. Just stop, look around, you have many friends who likes you, you have your family. You're loved! Why you're cutting? One person
      you think harry will date with me? He looks for inside, not outside, so, why not? :)
      im felling fat :c Don't feel like that. You're pretty in your own way
      You speak spanish or brazilian or something ?? PORTUGUESE.
      your last tweet Ahahahah I'm stupid, yeah I know
      desde que não fiques com o MEU Harry...... tudo bem , LOL Que eu saiba ele não é teu, lmao
      what are u doinnn Music and you?
      Upset? what happened? if i need help, or you need help... Nothing, It's ok.
      :) :)) x
      what is your favorite couple of 1d? Idk, I like all
      Who is your BFF ? Bruna Fialho, although we are 'upset'
      What's your favourite member of One Direction? I don't like to call ''favorite'', I identify more with Niall :)
      do you like 1D? YESS
      you are pretty Thanks, lovely .x
      Niall Horan is mine bitch lol OR NOT, lmao
      Hello ! Hey!!
      YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL You too .x