Vanessa Isabella Strey

heeey talk to me :)

      wtf is wrong with you a lot wbu
      :D smile okay :D
      heyy heyy
      is hannah a bitch ? are you ? yeah ok bye ruthie. ahah
      vanessa i really want you to smile right nowwwwwwww, can you please smile? :) im smiling ahaha
      awh gemma is so so so pretty! I agree! and she says thank you! haha :)
      what are you up to ? Skyping gemma <3 :)
      aww who are youu? :)) - A friend. <3 :)
      why are you even friends with hannah ? why do you even care?
      dude wtf is wrong with you? dont go around telling people shite about me And who are you to say i am telling people "shite" aahaha chat me on here! :)
      who's always there for you in your school, no matter what ? I guess a lot of people and im really thankful for that <3
      vanessaaaa you are so sweet and nice thank you! :)
      yes yes yes you are so nice! aww who are youu? :))
      you are the cutest Thankss :) hehe but i doubt it
      babes i love you, you have the nicest personality in your year really? aww <3
      hello hi
      heyeyyy <3 heyy
      hi vanessa Hi :)