Tony Secak

14 / hong kong/

      Which cigarette brand do you like the most? Marlboro? i dont smoke cigs really
      thoughts on Rika x she's nice to hang out with and we should talk more haha :)
      Heyyy hey
      Heeey! :D heyyy whats up? x
      Thoughts on One Direction? idk im not a fan rly soryyy x
      Hiii heyy
      Hiii heyy
      Hii <3 Talk to me over chat
      Hi :)wazzup ;)? just chatting, nm rly :))
      nope, not allaine. ask me stuff on chat, not question thingy
      why? does allaine call you faglet? damn. thats my nickname for you. haha idk why she does that
      so … so, anything you wanna talk about?
      hey :) heyy
      the chat bar wont show up :( oh :/
      hey :) hey :)
      <3 <33
      tonyyyy <33333 heyy <3 <3 <3
      hey there helooo
      the fuck is it with all this babe shit idk, that was like moths ago
      y u no online? D; I am online noww, I was in school before so we can chat noww :)
      wuu2? i just came home from phuket
      haaay <3 heyy
      yes, your real babe <3 hey real babe, what school do you go to? <3
      this is your babe from this afternoon oh, my real babe <3
      i thought i was your only babe :( I am so confused right now :/
      aww, i'm your babe too? <333333 yh <3 :D
      I am so so jealous of your babe like omg :( don't bee, look as long as I don't know you, everyone is my babe :)
      kk, one sec. lemme make one first haha haha ok
      omg I am so jealous of your babe like idek why haha well you don't have to be cause idek babe :P
      I can only ask questions :( well, give me your talkd so I can ask you some, just cop-paste the link here :)
      I CANT TALK TO YOU OMG WHYYY no, you can talk to me :)
      bye babe, i'll miss you <3 aww I'll miss you too, bye <3
      no babe, thats perfectly fine <3 see you at 11 <3 bye, cant wait to talk to you again <3
      yes babe <3 ugh, sorry babe but I need to go, we can chat around 11 before I got to sleep if it isn't too late?
      same as you babe <3 14? sweet :)
      i also want to meet you babe <3 sooo, how old are you babe? <3
      Your beauty got my attention, but your personality got my heart babe <3 aww <3 but plizz lets stop with flattering, I wanna meet you and know everything I should know about you babe :)
      no babe, you're the irreplaceable one <3 ily :* babe, tell me something about yourself, what do you like, what are your hobbies, how can you make me ly even more <3
      you're funny babe <3 that wasn't supposed to funny but truth my babe cause you are irreplaceable <3
      No matter who enters your life, i will love you more than any of them, plus all of them combine babe <3 haha babe you are just so nice words can't even describe you <3
      your last name… i want that babe <3 You want to to see my seecock babe <3 ;)
      you are the cutest thing ever babe <3 aww, tell me somthing about yourself to make me love you even more <3
      yes it's really me babe so babe, we can more personal over here you know ;)
      hey babe <3 HEYY is it really you?
      What's ur insta I need more ppl to follow. Just made one. go on my the link their :P
      Aw I wonder who "babe" is on ask haha haha yh
      Ik even tho u got one of the lowest voices in yr 9 yh, cause atleast I am in puberty :P
      Srsly I can even go lower than batman. I'm a girl. I can't do that :P
      its talk d me haha totally... now really who are you :P
      My voice can go lower than Morgan freeman not even kidding. haha I don't belive you, no offense its just Morgan Freeman? nahh I don't think sooo