hahahahhaha huh
      no i was saying to people not to bully u right i really never do but anyway............
      dont bully her she is super nice and you should all get a life coz they are selling them at half price at the moment and you really need one because you are sad enough to bag and bring others down wtf if this is about billie she has done just as bad. dont you dare try and make me sound like the bad one
      fuck u ok
      you fucking ended the call can you stop bullying me
      y did u hang up u gimp coz.
      ur really annoying awks when i have anon tracker you bitch say sorry on facebook or ill be telling the teachers
      Do u like Julia c yep
      tbh on stella m she ismy bestfriend and i love her so much. she is so pretty and funny and i love how we always joke. We have our ups and downs but everything always works out xxx
      tbh on chloe s she is so nice and i love her so much!she is pretty and chinese wouldnt be possible without her
      U ever hooked bfire no
      i wanna lick u dry babe xx wtf
      declan? he was nice now he hates me and he is rude to all of my friends and he calls us sluts.
      Feeling happy hey? hahaha no
      ok who is this
      good thats good
      hi hey
      how are you GOOD YOU ?
      I think your really funny thANKS
      hey ;) hi