y werent u at school long story aha
      H O ON SAM MC wot
      Post a pic of ur boobies no
      Please story she loves me please please please story? no she loves no one
      Steph! OMG I love ya mum she is so nice I'm coming over soon! Please no shoosh you
      fuck your hot naw
      i luv u i luv u 2
      xxxxxx xxx
      u have (.) (.) nah
      I want u now inside me wot
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      Hey hey
      Fuck me im ok
      so sexy xx haha
      Oh steph want u whaattt
      hey hey
      Ur so hot thank you x
      hi hows your day pretty shit
      Pretty x - you never know who said this ;) hahah thanks x
      u slut hahahaahahaa
      but i hope your nice x yeh i hope so to
      i have know what your like but when i see you around you honously look like a bitch that is moody and thinks there topshit and a tb okay cheers
      Bra size double 5678
      gimme a root ? na
      fuck fuck shit shit cunt cunt balls balls pussy pussy bitch bitch lovley
      wanna root no im ok
      HELLO hey
      gimme a root ? nah