Hey hey
      Ji Ji
      Yeh u have y would all ur friends ask him if he liked u No i haven't and none of my friends have ..
      How long have u liked dec Tragear for I've never liked him ...
      coooooookieeeeees for the win! weeew!!!
      i also like cookies, you? yeah they're fab
      el macho is awesome! radical!
      hello hello
      hwy hwy
      how do i chat with you? shouldn't you be able to?
      I like you... A lot but I don't no how to tell u xx inbox me xx
      hello hey
      i really like you talk to me on message
      I really like you Sophie I really like you too anon
      Hi hey hey
      Helli helli
      Muchacho promise Hello amigo I agree with that statement
      hey hi
      i love u ? you too ?
      heyyyyyy hey
      SOPHIE!!!!! you are so nice and pretty, you are always so kind to me. i love you sooo much xoxo aw thank you!!! xoxo
      i love u sophie <3 i love you anon <3
      hey hi
      gday hey
      would you like chris evans in a g-string? hey amelia how's it going
      hey hey
      whats happening this weekend? idk
      all ze boys thing ur hottay hahahahaha so true no they don't
      Smartest child out xo you mad
      Stunner hell no!
      hey hey