Shiri Hayardeny

      why is justin bieber so sexy because.
      Name your favorite fruit strawberries
      Fav vacation spot? i really want to go to hawaii
      Disney channel or nickalodean? neither.. i like the old disney channel though
      Coke or Sprite? coke(:
      Chocolate or Vanilla? vanillaaaa
      BFF? chat me(:
      What is your favorite food? okay im sorry but i cant answer that one theres just too many to list
      Hobbies? umm singing, eating, watching movies, hanging out with friends, INTERNET.
      Do you play any musical instruments? used to play guitar but i quit, dk why..used to play the flute, but then i quit because it gave me headaches :P right now no, but i sing(:
      fav animal? sloths because of how alike we are
      favorite movie? too many to choose from haha sorry
      beleiber or directioner???? neither, but i like their songs
      middle name? deborah(:
      Who is your favorite singer? i love jason mraz right now (:
      favorite song? right now its a song in hebrew called "you'll never know" (af pa'am lo ted'i)
      favorite season? summer and spring
      what do you want to be when you grow up? umm a psychologist
      what is your fav tv show? right now its 90210
      favorite color? turquoise, and basically all shades of blue
      favorite place to shop? forever21(:
      hi heyy :)
      how old r you? almost 14