Sharon McDermott

message me!

      hey babe? hi?
      betchis be like...wat lul
      hey sharon hey
      Hi!!!! :) :)
      omg not jill sorry lilylilylily haha k
      then how come that picture with him and jill got comments like cute and stuff they were on peak together and it was such a cute picture :)
      hey its tom price, and i wanna put this out there. id LOVE to experiment or do anything physical with u. 10th grader btw ;) hahaha
      my name is jimmy wang. please feel free to add me on facebook. my dick is massive. with a boner, its almost 3 inches!!! lol
      what are your views on marijuana?? #420blazeitfaggot
      are u still dating alex olson? or is he dating jill? i'm dating alex :)
      HI SHARON!! <3 love you babe. guess who this is! hahah no idea but i love you too
      heyy sharon this is sanjay I LOVE U and how u doin? love you 2, SWELL
      hi there hey
      so............ the CSJ boob club, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD be flattered....? be creeped out...? both...?
      9036, it went well it definitely did. we should talk more when talkd goes back to anonymous chatting
      why did you change it to questions only? automatic for everyone :( sorry il post my link on fb when it changes back
      would you consider yourself a slut? i'm in a 9 month relationship no lol
      because i kind of wanna hook up with you... have a boyfriend
      would you hook up with a 9th grader? have a boyfriend
      wow ?
      can u change it back to chat? no idea how to fix it sorry seems everyone's is doing that
      Hi hi
      u think u can multitask? hi alex
      yo, its 9036 hi!
      you don't know what you have till its gone i do
      Wby did you change it to questions? how do you unchange it lol
      Sharon, Why are you so cool thank my mom&daddy lol
      Are you close to Zach Havens? I saw you hug him a few days ago, and I see you guys talking yeah we've gotten to be close lately :)
      WHAT R ur thoughts on ur PEAK GROUP??? not bad:))
      whats your tit size fk off
      What do you think about freshmen guys? there are some hot ones