come on oop! sorry just read this hehe x
      come online oops, this is 1 month late! my bad :(
      heylo hey:)
      HELLLLLLLLLLLO hellooo :)
      hi hey :)
      come online sorry just saw this!
      hey dude,wudup? hey dude, nothing haha wbu?
      hi hey
      ruchi anon
      hi hey :)
      come online PLEASEEE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEE sorry just saw this okay I'm on x
      please answer me I'm giving up on talkd sorry x
      answer me!! I had about 3 anon's asking me questions HAHAH sorry x just ask me again hopefully it works! x
      again you went off :( hate you I'm soooooooo sorry! :( it keeps glitching x
      crush atm? HAHAHAHAHAHA
      answer me!!!!! answer what HAHA
      why dont you go on talkd as much as before? haha idk i only used talkd when im bored sorry :* talk to me on chat xx
      I was talking to you why did you go offline :( I didn't! im sorry :* my talkd keeps glitching :(
      I really wanna talk to you but im scared come on talkd please!! aww come talk to me then, dont be scared! :) haha sorry im on now :) xx
      What up chilling hehe wbu?
      Hey sxythang hey :)