Pearl Sriorathaikul

      broken ): i know, get your shit together talkd
      still broken i know there's something wrong with talkd! whats up
      :( i guess you could ask me questions for now??
      i think talkd is broken i know :/ wait try again?
      your chat s not on what :( i'm online though!
      what event u doin spirit olympic? volleyball, dodge ball and i might join parkour for the last block!
      do u know any tts boys uh i talk to one person from there x
      what are you doing come online (: sorry i gotta go :/ back in an hour!
      what are u doing today golfing, maaaybee gym and probs catch up on ma tv shows
      hottest guys in your year farid sammy reuben nicolo
      come online i am online rn, hmu!
      who are you into? list me some people?? just message me if ya want i'm online
      what hppn to ur chat? why are you offline sorry bad internet connection #thailandprobz
      into any guys? yeah x
      are you single? yup! :)