someone who u tell a lot to? NO ONE IM ALL A SECRET NOW
      actually nah cbf KKK
      mimi? <3 her 3
      thoughts on scarlett? <3 her too
      is it ok if i just ask u the thoughts of random year 8 names? yeah whatever
      thoughts on bel <3 her
      do it or die ?
      naame some no
      is there someone you dont like in grade 8? heaps
      thoughhts on bea ? bea
      i know you hate me because you never talk to me and you always avoid me maybe you did something to piss me off
      What's with you and bel putting random punctuation in things for example, I will find you #############and I will kill u And again :))))))!!!!!!! Etc Is this the new cool trend????? Lol im sorry kevin rudd i swear i did not know it was against the law
      Aw fuck you otty... I'm still your fav hahahahahaha ily
      Very tru but i just don't want to ask you that's why I asked anon but you don't have to answer it was a stupid question anyway xo :) just ask me?
      Hey! NESSA is your favorite year 8! you should be studying
      probably mimi, bel, scarlett etc if u want to know if i liike u or not why dont u just ask me
      bcoz it isnt ur bday if u dont hav anythin nice to say dont say it.
      Favourite year 8's not in your group? xo who do u classify as my group
      happy bday to lorenzo y not happy birthday to me
      you used to like me and now u hate me how do u no for sure
      Omg how tha fuck did you survive 1 WHOLE month without junk food!? woah that was ages ago and i dont know i just did
      top 10 loretz no
      fave friends at loreto? a lot
      So I can talk to you one on one i am online
      i cant text you...then you will know who i amm your loss
      Come online!'!!!!! i am
      we used to be bestfriends, i dunno what happened but now you dont even speack to me :( :( text me?
      ILY!!!!!! ily2~!!!!
      YOUR SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
      OTTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEY!!!!!
      Hi heeeeeeey
      how can i make it so i can talk to you one on one?? try now
      whats on for tomorrow seeing em
      whats up nothing
      Hoot hoot hello
      lol ur a babe lol im fucking bored
      Fav boys from st doms james, jack, chris, jonnie, both nicks, jon mac
      Sex maybs? h
      Get with Kosta? do u no kosta or me iiiii dont think so
      Who's your favourite cousin? stef and seb
      are ya seeing a fkn sexy mint as gal tomoz??? YEAH SLLOYD
      get with kosta? whos that
      I'm casually looking at the amount of prior who wanna get in yo pants huuuuh
      I love u so much it makes me cry. marry me plz. can we get some boys saying this please
      ily ily mre
      i think im going to kill myself and its because of you... oh yeah and what have i done
      how big are your tits? flat xx
      Not even kidding who is this?
      Let's get in to bed together and have try sex sounds great!!!!!