Nicola Briggs

You know you wanna!!

      Hi hi there
      Top 5 guys at mgs Umm... idk I dont really know any haha
      Y u do dis y not??
      You Jess and Charlotte should make a separate group. You are better than them. Bridget has been getting similar messages and I dont want to do that, I love my other friends and if we are a 3 (Jess, Charliee and I) then someone will end up getting left out and we dont want that.
      Who's Justin green? Is he hot? Aha not really...
      hello Helloooo!!
      What's happening with your brother and annabell? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha do you now what happened and you want to know where it is going, or you want to know what actually happened
      nicola! hi
      Hii hi!
      Hi hi
      Hi hi
      I would talk to u in real life but I know you would slam a door in my face and I really like you and wish that we could go out Stop messing with me pleeaseee