you is adopted wow!! didn't know !!
      long story of youre name? plz do explain if u knew me well you'd know xx
      wht happend between you and hazza lawrence cunt HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
      Why You Such A Slut why do you care so much :))))
      you changed, not for good. fucking slut are u srs!! i havent kissed a boy in like idk 5 hours!! bitch !!
      NO YOURE JUST A NICO THAT I USED TO KNOW. shame xx the one now is better
      why is youre name nico julia on fb and shit when i remember its nico commins long story xx
      favs 10 b and g st michaels dont have favourites
      fav people from yr 7 at star grace maddie
      fav people in 2011 from star hahaha i dont remember
      hello hii
      nick roberts? nichrous <3
      Thoughts on Connor lewis who
      h0w c0m3 u n0 sk0l im feelin so free i can't
      i think hole class is dum evn me yey
      maths sirry r u dumb 2
      irekn ur gud gud at wot
      Thoughts on Callum callum who
      Hottest boys 7-9 i dont know anyone in year 7 but year 8 either alfie or callum and year nine idk
      r u gud @ maths? im probably the dumbest person alive
      Sexiest boys in school there all sexy
      i wnt u 2 cuz u r amazin bbg oh so r u bby
      Who were your worst hook ups? some1 and another some1
      Hi hi
      y u no smd???? y u want me 2
      Worst hook up? hahahahhahahaha ahh its hard, choosing between 2
      I just wanna tell everyone that you are nicoco okkk
      Thoughts on abdullah :) cute xx
      see you want all these older guys but fuck just have me deep down im the only guy you were ment to be with idk who you are but i dont go for older guys
      Thoughts on cicco? love him
      Throughts on braddolan ? who
      thoughts on thoughts? thoughts are bad
      ok bye xxx
      wanma be anymore blunt could be
      thoughts on charles nice
      what do you do? i dont know
      Hottest year 10s st michaels richie
      fuck you true ?
      Thoughts on abdullah :) cutie
      heuheuheuheuheue mwahaha
      thoughts on b sweenz luv her
      penis? r bad
      you honestly think your so cool no just no i don't actually if you knew me well enough you'd know what i think
      ever fingered yourself? no hev u
      hey babe HEY BEBZ
      hiii HEY
      Are you adopted, yeah
      hi hey xoxoox
      Thoughts on Emily Walsh xx cutie xoxo