Mina Lee


      itrs not working :( what :// but im onn
      fart go aheadd
      It's from Futurama D; OH! LOL :D
      Why not Zoidberg? WTF?
      liarrrr liarrr pants on fire! im not a liar ;(
      you mad brah LOL. AHAHA
      sounded like it. LOL okay
      So you miss cameron hahahahah ewh what? LOL?
      order is based upon who you talk to the most? not personality that you like the best? well based on personality................ cameron, michael, josh. COS JOSH IS SO STRAIGHT FORWARD
      why that order. oh um cos josh is in my class so i talk to him more often then michael and i don't really talk to cameron now
      and why why? what why?
      Rate in order: Michael Cameron Josh (it seems they're the closest to you) josh, michael, cameron :)
      Who do you miss atm, who you haven't talked to for a while NOT TELLING HAHAHAHAAHAHA
      Your year 11 friends or year 10 friends both
      Michael or Cameron both
      Josh or Cameron both
      Michael or Josh both
      best guys? youuuuuu babyy
      will u choose Mr. Gani over Shinee? GANI? LOL HAHAHAHA i will choose shinee!
      hi hiiii