What's your interests?! I wanna know volleyball?
      do you know any good photographers? elise and riku.
      Who do you like, and which guy do you like most? hahahahaha none.
      talkd vs ask? ask definitely but, talkd is more personal
      wtf is this anonymous chat or smthing
      most popular in your grade idk
      Hello hey
      why is the chat thing not there. because i wasnt online
      this is lies k
      what is this i still dont know
      Im a goat how do you type :o
      hey hey
      hey hey
      hey hey
      hello hello
      what is this i still dont know
      Who asked u to prom NO ONE :'(
      Y u a bitch i TRY NOT TO BE
      favorite m3? sofia rao. ftw!
      wassupppppp hey
      Hottest m3 boy no.
      jihgu *hello?
      hi hi :)
      ugpg hi?