Maddie Roberts

      thoughts on sophie jacobsen perfect my best friend
      who do you miss the most amber xx
      who did you become friends with on camp? probably not u :)
      Thoughts on Nthan murphy? good kid
      why can i only ask the questions? :)
      why cant we talk? dunno
      thoughts on rebecca whelan love her
      you can only ask , questions. ok
      your things not working :(
      hi hii
      Oi oi
      heheheheheuuuuueyyye :)
      hey bby hey
      you're so stunning you are
      what happen between u and lola? nothin
      Have you ever had alchahol?????? nar
      New friend? Old friend? Someone you miss? get fked
      hey ey
      How come you and Lola are friends again bcause she my sis
      Hey hey
      do you like your new school? yep!
      go on the talk thing ok
      Lets fuck hunny:) leme put my giant cock in ur tight pussy as you scream and moan ur disgusting
      come on i want to have a private convo ill post now
      Heeey heyy
      I want ur tits so much OMG r u virgin? Still got a tight nice pussy?;) haha ew
      Do you like your new school? yes!!
      hey hii
      hows kilbreda??? great thanks
      Maddie you seem so nice! Want to get to know you better xxx
      Why does tessa smoke now and don't be all like she doesn't wtf actually answer or reply who is this and I'll inbox you who is this inbox me
      I want your tits cute
      Hellooo heyy
      whats the name of your tumblr? look on my instagram, maddieeroberts
      what happend between u and lola nothing
      suck my dick please ok
      MADDIEE hey
      hi hi
      lick my fanny kk
      do you even like Caitlin Clark and Ashley Schwarz? yes i love them
      do you hate lola? yeah for sure
      suck my dick ok
      i hate you (lola) ok
      Hey there hotltie hii
      what are there tumblrs? dunno
      hi nigga hey
      u make me horny nice
      Maddie I fkn love you :) Luke haha luke who
      is there any other tumblrs that are good? whats lolas are ur friends? whatt
      is that your tumblr yeh