how;s school? boooorrrrrriiiiiingggggg :(
      you're really pretty :) thank you so much! i bet you are toooo xx
      what's up? getting ready for a dance class, you?
      how are you? good good goooddd, you?
      favourite song? don't have one!
      lame hi max
      i dont think ill talk to you on Facebook sorry but was it natural or really awkward when you did it for the first time?? xxx naaaatuuuraaalalalllllallall :) xxx
      just a question but I'm kinda nervous about my first kiss, how did you know how to kiss? like make out...... xxx talkk to me on facebook, this is a bit weird to put out there AHAH xx
      peck & make out peck - 11 or 12 make out - 13
      did you like french kiss ahhah can you explain sorry hahahahahahahahahah yes we did
      how did u meet zack if you r not in the same school? we met in 2012 at HKSSF swimming
      how old were you when you had your first kiss make out or just peck?
      what school does zack go to kgv
      AAHHAHA oh right. you made out with him? is he a good kiser yeesssssss :)
      Why don't you ever reply to me on Facebook!?!?! message me noww!
      what does 'hook up' mean it means two things haha
      :OO you lost your virginity to him? why him HAHAHAHAH nooo!!! i didn't!! i thought you meant hook up as in made out! HAHAHAHHAHA
      YOU SEEM REALLY SWEET YOU SEEM REALLY SWEET TOO! talk to me on facebooook :) xx
      your opinion on people your age who drink, smoke, do drugs etc? it's their choice, not mineee :)
      i heard you guys hooked up once hahaha, we went out for 2 and a half months, i think we've hooked up more than once
      if you like him you cant like me ;/ yeah but you can talk to me! pleaaaaaseeeeee :)
      u have the perfect body! can u tell me what u usually eat in a day? or just give examples? ur gorgeous xx nobody has the perfect body, and to be honest i eat so much!! i just do a lot of sports and im very lucky to have a fast metabolism! and thank you! i bet you're very gorgeous yourself xxx
      so you are saying you like a guy who gets drunk, smokes, does all of this stuff. you are so popular and he's so fuckin strangee.e but he doesn't drink and smoke! i don't care how popular i am or how strange he is i actually like him
      when talk to me now! im onlineee :)
      how long did you and zack go out for 2 and a half months :)
      talk to you later i like you talk to me on facebooook!!
      hes kinda strange tho. i would've thought you were go for someone else i thought he wasn't your type shah i don't think he's strange, i like him :)
      What do you think about your self? i don't know? ahahha
      why did you break up if you still like him because we had an issue, and i thought that i liked someone else but i realised i like him
      when did u break up with him a week and a half ago
      date me? hahahah who are youuu? talk to me on facebooook :)
      hahaha wait you guys aren't dating anymore? well we broke up but i still like him
      you single? uhh kind of? i guess i am :)
      are you still dating that guy zack its quite complicated haha, who are youuuu?
      who are you dating you tell me
      hii heelloooo
      hi hey