Add me on facebook if you're nice

      go on omegel i wanna talk to you use "apology" again ok :)
      you there yeah
      it says ur offline :( aw wwhat
      where r u here
      whered you go :/ i'm so sorry i accidently exited the wrong tab! is it the same word?
      you there? yes
      use the word randomness hahaha : ) 0kkkk:)
      can i talk 2 u ? yeah
      do u know how to do the omeggle thing ? yeah
      you there? yeah
      come back :[ AWW message meee
      it's not weird it'll proabbly make him inbox you\ okayy
      poke him nooo haha he would be like wtf
      would you want him to talk to you? yeah i would haha
      he might still like you just say hi if he did though he would still talk to me.. haha
      do ittt noo theres no point, i don't think he likes me anymore, and thats probably why we stopped talking
      did you inbox him? no :( i'm way to scared
      inbox him he'll answerr okay i'll try but message me back in like 5 and i''ll tell you if i have or not
      inbox himmm just tryy theres no point but ok
      inbox himm maybe he's too scared to inbox you ? i don't think he is, i think he just hates me or is like embarrised to talk to me or something, idk but i kind of want to inbox him but i'm so scared he wont reply
      just try nd inbox him like if he doesnt reply say it was the wrong personn no thats stupid as omg i kind of wish we started talking again somehow but i don't think we ever will
      no i mean with me :p on chat just then ohhhhh i accidently disconnected, do you want to do it again?
      why'd you stop talking :/ idk i guess he didn't want to talk to me
      inbox him anyway whats the worst that can happpenn nah, he probably won't answer, which sucks :(
      inbox them ! nooo he i think he hates me we stopped talking and like idk i just think he hates me
      do you still like the same person you liked a month ago ? yeah :(
      aw, wanted to talk 2 u, we havnt spoken in a while :"( inbox me on facebook~!!! i'm sure i want to talk to you
      dosnt say u r are you serious, wtf i am though :(
      come online i am
      seriously i need to talk to you inbox me now
      so are u gonna say the initials? if you inbox
      heyy bubby helllo
      nah i don't want to inbox thats the whole point of being anon well please? if you're dying to know
      okay how about just the first letter of first name inbox then
      well u could just put the initials here not many people will look i guess They do inbox me on this tomorrow it will probably work
      it doesn't... ? then its not working :\
      how do i talk to u it should pop up with something that says i'm online
      inboxmeee who are youu
      hmmm thats weird yeah sometimes talkd doesn't work
      it says you're not online? but i am!
      but you arent but it says i am wait i'll log in and then log out
      Be online i am wtf :(
      can you make an assquake? wtf is that
      Nooo you're not oh what
      are you online ? yeah
      that's shit, can you make it we can message ? like on anon refresh the page, and then wait until it says luummii is online now or something
      So why the cold sholder at school? cold sholder? wait what
      Cant you usually have conversations on this ? yeah you can haha but they aren't even like messaging me they are asking me questions
      do you like the person you liked a month ago? idk i think i do but i'm so confused because we don't even talk
      dont worry girl i was jokeing Hahaha, pls inbox me