Liv Williams

      Do u an Adam ritossa have a thing HAHAH no
      hey man hey sev
      hi u dont know me but your hot hahahaha thank you!!
      What are you watching on tv madagascar
      What are you doing tonight nothing :)
      your talk inst talking i know it doesnt work idk why
      Hey it's me hey me
      Hey heyeyeyeyey
      What's your dads name why
      Are your parents still up? yes but mum is out
      Turn the pool heated on and keep the beer cold.. hahaha who is this!
      What would Justin bieber and Selena gomez's kid be called how would i possibly know, it proably wont even happen hahah what times bed time duno
      Is the pool hot? no it freezing
      How old are you nearly 14
      Olivviiaaa AHYESSS
      Ask your dad if there is beer in the fridge. omg stop HAHAHAHA
      What times bedtime? is this teddy haha
      The dog ohhh bodhi
      What's the airspeed velocity of and unladen swallow. ummmm well
      What's bodie doing whos bodie
      What do you think of mily Cyrus. love her
      Hi Olivia Hi Anon
      That would ruin the fun omg hahahhahhaha
      Jezza is kewl. who is this haha
      still now working , how do i fix it D: hellpppp me
      Do you like snails? i guess...
      go online i thought i was and i dont know why its not working :(
      Thoughts on Claire Esler x she's really nice, and so pretty! only met her once or so but she's really funny :) xx
      I mean hi hi
      Heylivwilliams heyanon
      hi :) hi :)
      hey, its bob hey bob
      Hey hey
      Hey hey
      Hey it's the Europe boy? :) hi
      Heeey heyyyeyeyeyeyeyey
      heey hey