Lindsey Dillon

      Do you know all of these guys? Harrison Will Seb Leo Alex James Rishal Danny Nick !?!? >>?!?!?!/2/1???1/1/w
      Sorry what
      I love you, you hate me, you loved me, I hate my life now. omg talk to me i don't hate you
      Ill pay you for what
      can you use that other website i forget what it was HAHA
      dw ily lindsey PHEW
      chat thing isnt there IT'S NOT MY FAULT I'M SORRY FORGIVE ME
      hi hello
      still isnt there... uGH
      your chat thing isnt there.. WHAT okay that explains a lot i don't think it's working ewhay
      heyy message me on chAAaaAata
      instagram? lindsey_dillon
      when i talk to u am i anon yas
      hey feg hallo
      thoughts on laurence? i'm definitely not him, no sir, not at all oh hey laurence!!!
      hello! h e l l o
      why yolo
      what base have you hit with a guy is this baseball
      sup nigga supsupsup
      oh my guess is wrong then :( year older? perhaps
      ur gorg thaaaannnk you
      hey hello
      is he in the year below you? no hahhahah
      how old is he your age? no
      last? no
      hey lindsey hello
      how do we talk to you? I DON'T KNOW THIS IS STUPID UGH TECHNOLOGY
      first initial hahaha nO
      whoooo initials? :3 nah it'll give it away!
      oh awksies who do you like now? somoen ahahskdn
      r u online YES
      ashley thinks ur a lil gay ashley is a lil gay
      r u online yes??? let me reload hold up
      why alex? out of all people your dating him? we're not dating ahaha
      HEY! HELLO
      do you have to wear underwear... i dont know but you shouldnt ;) ok
      heyyyy :3 hello!
      How are you doing? i'm alright i suppose, i could be better hahah
      i know right ok
      i am really attractive i'm sure you are
      Wrong Answer wrong question
      best song right now lets dance to joy division by the wombats!!!!!!!
      your hot thanks
      R u online? now i am
      Hi yes hello
      r u online?? sorry, i went out for dinner. i'm back now
      hey what happened to chatting? idk it says it's working for me, facebook me