lilyy :)

      WHAT you did? When? i already said this
      Did you like your first kiss? And do you still kiss him after that? oh goodness. well we've broken up so... and it was a first kiss was a first kiss
      Awesome, when was your first kiss And with who uhh about a month ago and with rahul
      Do you fart often? 24 hours a day
      Hi hi
      hi heeyy
      vdsvafvefbeaf asjdfhasdhfsudfh
      PUUURRSHHPPHHHQQUUII is what a fart would sound like online. ok
      aites thankss btw i still dont know who you are what school do you go to are yuo a sophormore? whaaat no hahaha i go to canadian academy. im in 8th grade lol chat me on fb. you thought i was a sophomore? LOOL
      oh no. theres going to be people tehre.............should i text her? don't ask her on text that's so bad. just ask with other people then i guess. but not over text okaaay
      sup nigga nothingg
      okay then..i meet her tomorrow so ill try to be confident yess. but dont ask her in front of a crowd because then it gets super awkward
      noo its on friday for us... so you're sfs ms?
      so if you were the girl would you feel bad if i asked you that late?? and how would u want the guy to ask you? im kinda insecure so im so afraid im going to be rejected i wouldn't feel bad. i would want you to ask me in a sweet way. don't worry okay? girls can sense insecurity so act confident and they'll like you :)
      ok here it is...i really really like this girl and we're friends but therere other guys shes closer to..she hasnt been asked to grad yet but i want to ask her except its on friday and i dont know if its too late wowowow you're from sfs? isn't grad tonight? but if you like her then ask her! take the risk or you'll never know.
      HI FART hi faaaaart
      i have a question bout girls to ask u ok
      at least not where i can see D: cant i just say things here? haha if you want i guess
      idk how :( aw doesn't it say start chat pretty sure it does
      heres a clue ;) im a guy in MS 8th grade lol can't you just open a chat with me on here...
      wazzup gurl i dont know who you are actually but you only have 3 ppl here so far so YEE hello lool chat mee on this..
      SUUP nooothing
      HELLO. hi
      wats this you can chat to me anonymously