idk who i am x

      sweetest people you know? troy bolton
      discothèque, moneca, la bibliothèque, il sont bigotes grandes, peros, manteca i get it now
      y u hot y u blind
      bueños, dias, me gusta papa frias, bigotes a la cabre es Cameron Diaz! google translate what you just said: good, days, I like cold potatoes, mustache is Cameron Diaz's cabre!
      donde esta la biblioteque wot
      kmis jou meid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ik u ook <3
      wtf welcome to facebook?
      wilsita cuties
      wilyssa cuties
      hey herro
      wilyra oh yes
      who do you think is the best rugby player on ur u14 team rachel/harriet
      d'hello belgian hello there
      why r u using talkd, when you have ask? idk this is usually to have a convo lel
      hello herro
      u have a nice a smile thank you liar x
      why don't u date mark i dont know him lel
      austin is pretty hot ik
      mark likes sincere lee k
      lets get down to business to defeat the huns
      ANNELIEN <3 OMG I MISS U SOO MUCH XOXO tell me who you are please <3333