talk to us if you want our love, thanks

      hello hey bbyy :*
      nigger balls yo niggs
      u guys r offline whaaaaaaaaaaaat talk d is so confusing
      i tried asking you questions and you went offline, how rude. ok
      come online.. we are <3
      let us talk to you, ask fm is for questions talkd isn't working for anyone atmm
      nigga nigga, please?
      its not letting me talk...only question i know babe, we feel ya ask us questions
      adios bye will.
      wait...who's using this account?? :D read the fucking title
      idk im confused i think i should get off this cuz you guys know its me and im not creative so i cant think of anything cool to say bye will
      dude what...? how am i supposed to response to this?!
      how did she figure it out? you have to remember im a black ninja who is really short and doesnt stand out in a crowd of short asians... no one can figure me out dads getting angry!!!!
      hello sup
      dammit ann. why did you tell them erika figured it out soz /:
      dont talk to me like that daughter dads calling you..
      yes i can see you on the camera hi will
      yo Yes*
      yo You*
      Who does Ann like mor
      No forks? Pizza mania must suck, hows the pasta? get off tslkd mom -,- u creepy
      go online.... how?????
      heyyy therreee heyy
      top 10 fav songs? (: better together wings feel this moment champagne super nova dirty little secret common get higher shes so high bangarang no faith in brooklyn
      eyy heyy :)
      do any of you like anybody? all of us like someone
      how bout go online hey sorry we're back
      how do i know if you're online? haii :)