top 10 hottest guys in order? justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber i think thats ten
      how are you khiana good you
      top 3 guys in yr 7 eric h lachan d rami y
      are there times when u think eric likes another girl no
      heye heey
      does it bother u when he flirts back?xx i dont think he flirts back?
      do u mind when other girls flirt with eric?X yeah, i do mind that, only because they know were going out and it pisses me off especially when they do it right in front of me.
      I know where you live thats not weird at all
      do u mind when eric hugs other girls?xx not really
      Hey heey
      youre bootiful fanks xx
      i love you i love you too anon
      youre perfect thanks anon xx
      youre the most beautiful girl ive ever seen thank you :') xx
      even teisha fuck thats weird hahaha
      Thoughts on Roya Brianna Beth Jess Teisha xox thanks love them all
      Hahaha okay
      I personally think eric was a totally dick head for losing u considering your beautiful ohwell shit happens, but thank you anon <3 xx
      what so you think of amelia and libby :3 libby, shes funny nice but havent really talkd to her amelia, shes fucking funny, shes nice and is a really cool girl to talk to
      hey khiana guess what? what
      what do you think of Brianna, Roya, Monica,Beth,jessica i love them all
      khiana don't listen to that skank down there !! you and Eric are the perfect couple !! Regards Amelia x awww, amelia thanks, that means alot xx
      nah I'm good you slut. get off anon and say that to my face.
      maybe he is.. well maybe you can go fuck off you skank
      he would take me over you anyday. well then why isnt he with you HUH BITCH !!!!
      bitch Eric is mine not yours. im dating him?
      do u like it when eric hugs other girls? whats it to you
      i am ur bff ahaha ~charlize xxxx butt rape fa ya! dayuuummm thats hot x
      HAVE A PARTY :D mmmm maybe
      Does it not bother you, that Eric flirts with heaps of girls and girls flirt with him? whats it to you?
      libby is a bitch. why are you friends with her? i dont really know her? and when i talk to her she doesnt seem like one?
      libby's a bitch um ?
      love you bby xx :) awhh love you to anon xx
      charlize likes eric. what do you think about that? i know she doesnt cause shes my bestfriend and would tell me
      charlize is inlove with eric cant you tell! no i cant. sozz mate
      thoughts on amelia rojo. shes funn, nice and sahhhh funny !!! oh my :')
      Thoughts on Brianna, Roya, Monica, Liv, Beth, Teisha bri: she means alot to me roya: shes one of my bestfriends and i love her monica: shes funny and always makes me laugh liv: IS MY AMAZING FISHHHY KEEPER and i love her sooo much beth: funniest person ever love her teisha: nicest girl funny and can al
      THOUGHTS ON TAYLOR shes a cool girl (:
      Lezfish ;) fishy keeper
      i sucked your boyfriends dick! thats hot
      i kissed your boyfriend whatever
      Your fuckin sexy! why thank you
      im so happy her mum die k
      omg no1 loves jessica haha that why her mum died no one * that's *
      im so happy jessica mum die do you have anything else better to do then to put someone down, thats mums dead?
      you like jessica and no1 will like you cool story
      hahaha im kidding you will laugh when you find out who i am hahaha im sure i will :)
      why not cause id rather not
      so do you want to] nar id rather not
      no I'm trying to say i would like to engage in sexual intercorse with you oh yeah