Jordon Lewis

ask me anything x

      How are you? im ok
      how are you yeah, just chillin, killin
      heyyyy heyyyy ;)
      yo be a sexy bitch this really means a lot to me, like you dont understand
      thoughts on Georgia Ryan so nice, really good at sport and so prettyyyy
      why wont you dance with me? cos i cant dance
      My milkshakes bring all the boiz to the yard, damn right they're better than yours. Well my homework brings all the asian's to my yard and i give them free milkshakes so more boys come and im pretty sure i have more boys than you Bella - love hannah
      nobody even notices me at school. But nobody ever talks to me anymore. Btw you're so pretty and nice. Xx Honey im sure they do, talk to me directly about it! aw thanks bby
      no one talks to me what do i do??! honestly inbox me i wont judge at all and im sure people talk to you! please inboxx
      *how many hooks a number bigger than 2
      hooks? hmmmm?
      you're hot so are you anon :*
      thoughts on ellie maclennan Such a babe, funniest girl and so gorgeous!
      hey yo yo yo
      thoughts on bell smith She is such a great friend and i know that she will always be there for me, really funny, hottie and love her ta death
      Do you like cheese on your cheeseburger or just on your fries, do you like come or lemonade because there bringin out your eyes xx i actually hate hamburgers, so you're stuck with cheese and lemonade all to yourself m8
      Thoughts on the gggs? love them all
      Thoughts on ella marcus? she is really nice and cute x
      I miss being your friend aw inbox me and we can talk again x
      Ily bebz ily too bebz
      Crush? well um was this guy but we stopped talking, i like this guy at my swimming squad tho ;)
      No one likes me aw i'm sure they do, inbox me and ill help xx
      Whos in your class? 25 people, it will take too long haha
      Your so pretty haha thanks you too x
      Thoughts on sophie bialocki? babe, funny, great to talk to, good friend and love her x
      How do you know Hunter Hilditch? haha we used to swim together when we were little. We aren't that close anymore but he seems nice
      Closest guy friend? hmmmmm either Josh, Spencer or this other guy who i cant name ;)
      Thoughts on Noah Lacey? really sweet, funny, cute and good to talk to x
      Have you ever written in to girlfriend no kate! stop asking, that wasnt me
      i know someone that has a crush on you big time haha noooo
      you're a hottie haha thanks m8
      Thoughts on ghandi he seems like a pretty nice guy, don't know him too well though, need to talk more x
      Do you believe in miracles??? Where you from??? You sexy thang i do believe in miracles, you sexy thanggg
      Thoughts on Sarah the first sarah the first is fucking hilarious, a babe and i love her to death xx
      Why you smell so bad bitch i wear vanilla perfume every day
      do u work at subway , cause u just gave me a foot long HAHAHHAHA OMG :')
      Do you have have a band aid? I hurt my knee when I fell for you. hahahaha no
      OMG HOW! you three are so lucky!!!!!!! how are you getting them haha my family friends have platnium ticketek membership, so we get to choose early
      are you gonna go to his concert Yes emma, Georgia and i are getting VIP tickets
      who else do you know that loves justin bieber Emma, Georgia Mcl, Millie Bac and Liv but i love him the most haha
      thoughts on justin bieber MINE MINE MINE DON'T TOUCH HIM <3 <3 <3
      are you friends with emma/ yeah i am, we have our on and off days, but everyone does haha xx
      Fave cousin? ahaha Claudia all the way baby <3
      is emma malcolm in your class yeah haha <3
      new people you have become close with at mlc Poppy, Maxine, Georgia Mcs, Giorgia, Lucy and Alli
      fav 8B'ers hmmm thats too hard but i love all the gggs haha
      who do you hang with in your class Georgia Mcs, Georgia Mcl, Bella, Moni, Giorgia and hannah sometimes
      person youve become close with recently? hmm probs Poppy, Bella or this guy, but we stopped talking recently
      favorite people ever? umm Yasmin is my best friend everrrr other than that cant choose