who do you think are the most messed up people in the grade reformulating the question is not going to convince me to answer it..
      Happy Birthday!!!!! thank you! :)
      most fucked up people in the grade no what
      hi hi
      janice hi
      its not working sorry
      Do u like men? Cuz I shure do. :} ok
      do you get along with anyone in your math class? i think+hope so! everyone is really nice :)
      yoshis feeling desperate LOL LOOOOL
      You dont think hes cool? sorry, but unless you're yoshi i dont really see why you should be concerned about my opinion on him
      What do you mean eh? eh
      hey hi
      Thoughts on Yoshi? eh
      i do not understand is it like ask.fm but not ahhh sort of?
      :( why don't u wanna be my frand T_T lol what
      hi hi
      like victorrria asssaaa all those girls orr guyzzz well i dont really know them but asa is so pretty idek
      favorite t1s & t2s? i dont really know any that well :P names?
      heyyy hey
      hahahahahahahaaa sophieee 's being funny ? ?
      sophie disagrees fine soph i'll hand it to you. ;)
      whos the best passer you know who happens to be 5'4" brunette and really funky????? not sophie :*
      Who do you like hah