i love you love you too anon
      get on talkd now sluttt im on ! xx
      it still doesnt work :( do you have connected2.me? it does work hahah
      your chat doesnt work :( idk why :(( ill try log out and in again
      hi heeyaa :)
      u online? yep hahah
      hello! what is your opinion on guys age? would u hook up with a guy a year below or year above? and what age is perfect? ahaha i would with someone in the year above, idk about the year bellow ahaha depends who! xox
      hey :) hellooo :)
      hey hiya :)
      hey x haha heyy :)
      your talkd in't working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soz
      go online hello
      go online hi
      can u upload the piicture from before the one of ya hair what are you on about?
      saw u nude tdy well close enough to have somthing nice to wank to tonite ;) sorry what
      who do u like ask me on chat :-)
      i think you're really dumb <333
      GO ONLINE i am !
      do you wear push up bras ? nope hahahah