Jessica Jane Ross


      slut how am i a slut
      go die kay
      you hurt her hurt whoooooo
      why did you do that to her to who what
      please stop doing this to people ^^
      leave her alone thanks
      GO OUT WITH ME okay haha
      I LOVE YOU SO MUCH love you too
      OMG ILY 4EVA ily
      why were you ever friends with brianna, ew! dont be a bitch, look i dont like her buttt
      why were you so nice to brianna? beause
      why dont you like bree? just because
      All the people saying Jess is fat, *sitting on couch eating chips* yep because you're so perfect,grow up! :)
      I like you more then brianna kay. thanks
      Would you go out with me no
      slut ...
      wasyour fat fat like you ? what
      fat kay
      i give up on you so do i
      why so fat i like food
      Dont listen to the hate :) its hard not too but thanks
      Leave her alone your all pathetic excuses of people. thanks
      pretty nope
      okai you low life dickheads leave jess alone, you don't know a fucking thing about her and want her to feel like shit for your pleasure lol, what a excuse for life. thanks <3 ily
      slut thnks
      im happy your mum die bitch !
      fat slut thansk
      awks coz I was the one that said your amazing but I'm scared to inbox you um that pperson that said anytime beautiful can you not I was the one that said it to her not u whoever u are so you going to inboxs
      anytime beautiful :) aww
      your amazing, but I'm scared to inbox you inboxs <3
      why are people so mean to you? what did you do idk
      there is no rumor she is a bitch you ass hole thanks
      do u know who I am nope
      Why r people so mean to you ? :( idk you tell me
      there was a rumour that you were a bitch okay...
      NO ONE YOU ARE no just no
      you are the definition of perfection at it's very best x who payed you
      you are amazing :) aw thanks <3
      go die im good thanks
      your a fat slut thanks for that