dick = life

ur basic and im royal

      noPE. yeP.
      yeah I'm done I'm not going back only sometimes nope bye nope nope nope nope nope. dis was from 2 months ago lols ha.
      *whispers.* ..............Assailia. hahahahhanrioekrewr i forgot all about that. is that even a word hang on.
      do you know what I just remembered. :) im not a psychic like you so no i dont know. :)
      I'm peeing I don't have aNYTHING READY???#$#@r ha u better start packing freckles. :)))
      *pees.* i just realized Kyle is in Florida too have fun ive always wanted to go. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
      I'm leaving for Florida in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days????ro3puerjwin oreokj whhat why havent you told me this before what. 3 days isnt enough time. :o
      omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what.
      like really bad. :D rlly im sorry.
      bc it annoys me and she isnt even talking to me. :D im sorry you feel that way.. :L
      does it ever get annoying when Sara constantly bothers u about Louis and Harry? :D no. :((( i love talking about and to them. :(
      http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Quro16cV8JY/TLE0GWJUYII/AAAAAAAADE0/S6F366YyFFU/s1600/old+ladies.jpg is this gonna be us one day. yes o im the black looking terrorist fake eyebrows looking thing. :D
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnzYG0ZkrXg us right. o my yes how did u know.
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHmgETRJScU this song is also dedicated to u. i love thats song?WE?REW?RW?Rew i remember dancing to this in the backseat of my car i would unbuckle and stand up in my seat and danced. :)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3IWTfcks4k this song is dedicated to u. <34567890 ;;000 i just laughed way too hard bc wtf.
      ok I just wanted to say thank u and i love u so so so much for being so nice to me and helping me when I'm upset and stuff like that!!!! ur so nice and pretty and funny so yeah i love you alot thanks for putting up with my annoying ass im going to sh you dont have to thank me seriously its fine i like helping you because i love you too ok you dont deserve to be treated how you are on there and neither does Kat or Kay ok if you ever need someone to talk to for shit you can talk to me i mean i dont
      im ok now i think i just shit my pants tho. :( did they finally stop. :(((
      Zayn: george ur basically a fat shit that's all i have to say you're barely friendly to anyone except like 3 people you expect everyone to love you "oh hey I'm jessica I think I'm so pretty and innocent which picture of myself should I use I love all omg are they starting stuff again please dont ok you're a really nice person and sh ok dont listen to the you are plenty nice to everyone and its not like theyre jesus and do no wrong when talking to people and being nice stop listening to them ok. :
      Jana's there right now. :(( I don't know what to do!!!!! dont get online ok you dont have to constantly be on i mean if u want me to i can like idk help u with telling u whos online but then i feel like ur sneaking on and u shouldnt have to sneak online to talk to people.
      I feel like I'm annoying you I'm just going to stop bothering you now. :(( nono i like talking to u pls dont ok i like talking to u i feel like im helping you so dont ok. :(
      yeah but if I go there Sara and Maria and Jana will just be cunts to me again and it's not worth it if more people hate me than like me. :(( but do maria and jana honestly get on alot i mean im not forcing you to keep getting on because i dont get on much anymore and thats mainly to talk to u but yeah if u dont want to go on there thats ok. :(
      I'm leaving that chatzy and I'm probably not going to ever go back only sometimes like Harold does because everyone hates me anyways. :(( butbut i dont hate you there like you said sidney likes you and other people ok. :(
      what did I ever do to them they just started hating me because I stood up for Kay this is why I don't ever try to help people. :(((( because they dont appreciate someone actually standing up for a friend and if someone does, they pick little things from people and manipulate them even though they stand up for each other and expect it from each other but its wrong for others. :(
      :(((( pleas im begging you Jessica dont cry ok ilysm please dont cry dont cry over what they're saying its not true. :(
      ~: maybe being run over could finally give the fly that flat stomach it's been aiming for :) stop ok please you're making me cry they're lying you aren a fly and you arent fat and you're perfect just how you are i know that sounds stupid but its true ok you were made how you are for a reason dont let fake people out here change you. :(
      you just made me cry oh. ur so nice ily thank u. :(((( ilyt ur welcome just dont please dont believe anything they tell you ok i swear to god they're just bitches that are mean to feel decent about themselves you are so pretty and nice and not fat and you have the best personality just dont let them mess
      and I was crying bc it's true ok I'm fat. :((( no you're not fat ok pls listen to me you arent fat nonon you arent ok pls believe me ur gonna make me cry you are the best person i know and you arent fat i pinkie promise you everything you arent fat.
      Maria!!!!!!!!! She fucking called me fat do u know how fucking bad my self esteem is. :(( u don't fucking tell someone they're fat when u know they have problems with the way they feel in their own fucking skin u don't do that!!!!! no dont listen to her ok you are not fat you dont listen to her or sara or anyone they dont know what they're talking about ok you most definitely are not fat Jessica. :((
      oh wait you don't use this nevermind. :((( i use this yeah i do. :(( i use this quite often actually sometimes idk but whats wrong. :(
      help me. :((((((((((((( I'm crying so hard wtf. :(( wait what im confused im trying to sleep why ru crying. :(
      #SongTitlesThatDescribeGeniam Two Is Better Than One. ;;;0000 I'm dumb bye. I had to sit there and think about that bye.
      http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2hdfganWZ1rpx3tmo1_r1_500.jpg me and u right o ur Reid aren't u. how did u know wow ur so smart. :)
      http://8535825e9beca04627fd-ba2b902a7219a959f87d89e8fd141416.r34.cf2.rackcdn.com/default-avatar.png beautiful. stop it ok i cant get it to work. :(
      wow what a beautiful picture u have. :) sh i cant get it to work dont make fun of me. :((
      merp merp merp merp. dick dick dick dick.
      i was just crying so i turned on music den i start crying really hard ok and then I Wont Give Up came on and i laughed and almost peed my pants it was weird ok i had to tell u that bye. :) why did u have to tell me ur stupid.
      bc im bored. :(((( then do something unboring ((((me))))
      my nose is itchy and my eyes are burning fuck u allergies. :) why ru telling me this.
      my mouth is on fire pls help. should i pee into ur mouth.
      Cheetos tho.(; u know i wish i could erase that from ur mind.
      i have hot cheetos. i do too im eating them right now. :)
      hi i missed u. :) i missed u too ok alot. :(
      this is horRIBLE I. ur horrible.
      THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!!! that reminded me of monsters inc. :(
      HAROLD IS BACK!!!!!!!!! ABORT MISSION!!!!! hA have fun. :)))))
      :) :(
      Niall.: Jessica. I'm going to miss you. I won't be able to talk to you because I will be stuck in a church without Internet. Ok I'm going to be locked in there ok. It's going to be depressing. Ok. I didn't send that o.
      I'm on the toilet rn just so you know. i just got done on mine wow.
      I just popped my neck twice and it was really loud. that turns me on.
      I was rapping ed sheeran tho. :) i dont like him.