talk to me about anything! ;)

      hahaha i might ill see ;) :0
      cant find it :( oh well haha oh well just talk to me on fb
      how do you chat ? there should be a chat thing on the side or something
      if i chatted you lol hahah no go ahead you can do convocations on here instead of questions, talk to me there x
      i dont know i reckon you would find it weird.... find what weird?
      Who do you not like in your term? umm a lot of people there are some quite weird people
      hayley binns? yeah she's nice
      i want to kiss you but dont want to make the move because it would awkward .... oh inbox me- start a chat with me
      nooooooooooo nooooooooo what
      hey heyyy
      give me another clue! hmm give me one for who you are
      dont worry if you wanted to you could ! hmm yeah
      Have you hooked up before ? noo :(
      hahah why ? you have an awesome body ! oh well thanks! XX But noooooooooo xxx
      that sounded sarcastic.. but thats ok !! :) hahah it wasn't meant to be, i was just surprised that you said that hahah
      you have the best body :) omg thankyou so much
      give me a clue 1 or more is in my home group
      i am a rooster me too :)!!!
      ohhhhhhhhhh dayumm i thought that you'd put me down ... hahah well i doint know who you are, maybe i did..:)
      who did you put down for marshmead peoppllle