Thomas Higginson

15. Gay. British. Singapore but not for long. Living life on the edge. Come and bite me bitches.

      what did your parents say when you came out? your whole family knows..
      i wish i knew how to be better than me, and be more like you.. because your happiness means i know that this shit will one day get better. Thanks for smiling, even when i'm such a jerk - one day, when i can explain better - i hope you can understand. who are you?
      your grin today made my day! so i hope by telling you this - i can make yours :) That's so lovely! Speak to me?
      You are one of the most inspiring guys i know, you're smile and happiness everyday makes me feel confident to know, that sometime soon in the future - that may be the case for me too. Thanks for making the world Better Tom, you're really a fantastic You're so amazing! Please tell me who you are! <3
      hello? heyy
      Hello? hey, start a chat x
      HEYYYYSSSSS heyyyy, start a convo?
      byeee :) - the awkard girl that just talked to you awhh :) bye! Thank you, you weren't awkward. You were lovely xx
      heyyyy hey :)
      I never said homosexuality is wrong because of religion or that it is a sin, I'm atheist for fucks sake. Homosexuality is pathetic because of the reasons I stated below, not because of religion yeah but if you saw what people said on ask fm. you'd know that you've got no one supporting you. they're all on our side.
      the kind of people like the guy below are exactly why i dont like religion I don't even know what to do. Thank you.. haha :)
      what the hell have we become where we not only tolerate those sick fucks, but also encourage their behavior, calling them brave for being who they are, has society seriously sank that low seriously, fuck off. I don't care about what you say or think. I'm here to stay.
      if i had the power to wipe out all of you people, i wouldn't hesitate to do so. gays are a fuckin disgrace to mankind oh I'm sorry, I don't really give a fuck about the opinions of people who are so narrow minded that they hate me even though they don't know me.
      homosexuality is pathetic. a penis was designed to go inside a vagina, period. god help us all if gays are allowed to get married outside the us. it means they will also have the right to adopt, what fucking child would want to be raised by two dads, maybe the kind that isn't such a fucking low life like you. I've thought about having kids and said I shouldn't because they will get bullied and I wouldn't want to put them through that. Until my close friend who's adopted said it's so much better t
      How come your not in Singapore for long? I'm leaving to England
      really don't know how to use this thing... can you read the thing above? what thing above?