Hey, Australian-Thai 15 year old

      hi hi
      hey bb <3 heey :)
      lets have sex no
      ur piercing is sexy thank you x
      Are u going to accept talk to me on ask graciiielou
      Yea how old are you?
      Accept my friend request I added u on Facebook we can talk there you just joined facebook?
      where u want :P um ok just look at my instagram
      doing what you want :p where haha..
      Secret can't tell you sorry babe I would do anything to make up for this <3 hahha aw but make up for what?
      post one :p of me doing what?
      Talk on this miss you so much <3 hehe okay but its gonna lag
      srry pic of you where?
      Ask isn't working wanna talk to my babe ❤❤ who is this? :)
      pick of you? what do you mean?
      I can't live without you xoxoxox naw to sweet :-) my talkd isnt working properly talk to me on ask or facebook x
      Hey <3 missing you wanna see you so bad come back to hk me too!!
      are you a slut? no fuck you
      boo boo yea
      hello? hey :)
      bra size?? no.