Gen Marcocci

shit in your hands and clap

      jks i dont masturbate to your fb dp okay good
      I masturbate to you fb dp lol thats fucking gross
      Have you ever had the urge to rub your vagina? everyday aha jks
      people you wish you knew better before you left no one i actually wish i didn't no anyone from MLC except my close friends i no its harsh but all this shit wouldn't of happened to me if i didn't no people
      people you miss at mlc ella, maddy, alex, ludi, pallas, bec and hayley
      I HEAR YOUR A BIT OF A REBKITTEN whats a rebkitten ?
      hello, im a porn star, would you like to paticapate in one of my movies? omg really i would be delighted :))
      Do u have pubic hairs? why dont you come and find out jks ew
      Hello rectum RECTUMFACE
      Are a boy no unless having boobs and a vagina makes me a boy
      do you smoke ? nope
      Do u like to poo? not really no
      elo shalom
      thoughts on emma she alright
      are you a boy? no
      can u make me a sandwich? no make it yourself