Fran Miotto

Fran. 16. Future star. Musicals are life. Same with Glee. I will marry Nolan Funk one day and have his beautiful babies.

      How do you correctly pronounce Les Misérables? Lay Mizz-ur-ab-l
      What school do you go to? Want to go to? I go to BPS but I hate it and want to go to Hurtwood House boarding school in England, and then the Central School of Speech and Drama.
      Janicenjolras has to go to class now :( :( byee Janicenjolras ily <3
      The pros and cons about your school? And significance compared to others? Pros: great academics and a gorgeous theatre. Cons: the theatre is too obvious and not interesting at all.
      Do you do theatre at school and/or with a community group? I do it at school. I sometimes go to other places but there usually aren't any other organizations doing productions or stuff like that.
      Your opinion on RENT? Omg i love RENT, amazing musical. Not in my top five, but really good musical.
      Your most recent audition for a song/solo? A part in a production? A play? My most recent audition was... probably for grease. I haven't really done much theatre recently.
      The best note you sing? B flat
      Least favorite musical? Why? Have you been in a production of it? GREASE. i just hate grease, terrible songs, underdeveloped storyline and stupid characters and I was unfortunate enough to have been in a production of it earlier this year.
      Favorite book and author? The most recent book you've read? Other favorite books and authors? Oh my god, Harry Potter is always there. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, A Little Princess by Frances Burnette aaaaand Peter Pan by JM Barrie.
      How long have you been in school? How long have you been in theatre/performing? I'm in year 10 at school, I've been in performing since i was tiny, I took my first ballet lesson when I was almost two but I only really got into theatre when I was about eight.
      Favorite song? Song that means a lot to you? The Guilty Ones from Spring Awakening, Secondhand White Baby Grand from Smash, This is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Rsy, or Fucking Perfect by Pink.
      Have you ever been to NYC? Once, I went on a flight layover and we stayed for a day and I saw Aaron Tveit as Link Larkin in Hairspray ommgggfgfgsdfgsjebnwirt.
      Languages you speak/are learning. Speak fluently? English, Italian, French and German
      Favorite production you've been in? What was your part, and when was it? Oh my god... Either Les Mis, when I played Little Cosette/Eponine when I was tiny Or Scarlet Pimpernel, I was chorus, about three years ago. Or Inspire me, about two years ago and I was sub-chorus
      A match from Les Amis for tumblr user noidontwantyourmoneysir? ;) JANICE YOU ARE THE JANICENJOLRAS TO MY FRANTAIRE <3
      Favorite of Les Amis? Favorite Les Mis character? Favorite Phantom character? Least favorites? FAVORITE AMIS: Hmm... I love Enjolras but I am Frantaire, so I'll have to say Grantaire. FAVORITE LES MIS CHARACTER: Enjolras. He's just sexy. FAVORITE PHANTOM CHARACTER: The Phantom. Again, sexy, and an impossible dream role, tbh. LEAST FAVORITES: F
      How many productions have you been in? hmm... about ten, but that's just a guesstimation
      List of people you want to meet? Barbra Steisand, Patti Lupone, Sutton Foster, Bernadette Peters, Naya Rivera, Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff (I saw him but I didn't meet him grr), Aaron Tveit, Eddie Redmayne, the list goes on and on
      stop promoting yourself on fb no im bored and i want to talk to people.
      Favorite color? PINK
      Top five musicals? HAHAHAHAHA uhm Les Mis, Phantom, Spring Awakening, Wicked, King and I
      Do you prefer coffee or tea? neither, ew.