(❀◕ ‿◕❀)

      SEX uh
      Ur pretty ahah thank you xx
      hi :) hey x
      YOURE SO HTO FUCK ME thanks but no thanks x
      like i think we are friends but then idk well talk to me!! x
      It's not working:( is it now??
      I. Love. You. <3 x
      what language do you speak other than english? um im learning chinese and french and know a tiny bit of italian from going there so often ahaha x
      hey hey c:
      hey ahah hi
      plus you are super nice aww thank you x
      hiii heyy
      eh eh?
      eheheheheheheehehehehhehhehhe does it work AHAHAH
      hey fleur :) hellooo x
      hai friend hi rohan
      fleur yes?
      dacks what? ahaha
      heyy c; hii c:
      are you there yep c:
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ahahah what?
      hi! hey c:
      hello~ ahah hi c: whats the fancy thingy at the end?
      hey sweenz hey c:
      you single? no x
      hi c: are you on yepp c: