Erika Obata

      Hmmm.. The life of a donkey clanner Good lyf
      who do u love ?? i love my family <3 - mor
      Like duck sorry?
      hey erika :) can you go online please hey sorry i'm on now
      why arent you sleeping yet sorry i just saw this, idk i just never get tired :P
      come onlinee hii
      can ppl stop pretending to b me plz hahaah ^ errebody theres only one benny
      Hey it's Benny hi
      ur offline sorry internet it being weird
      come online soorrryyyyy computer being weird
      hey erika your offline oh shit haha oops sorry
      go on1 i am on now
      erika your offline! :c no i'm not :(
      ERIKAA! :) go onn in about 30 minutes!