sup? online shopping you
      you are NEVER FKN ON ANYMORE URHG im sorry!!
      hey gorgeous ;) D:
      GET ONLINE!! OK!!!!
      aww haha okay xx :) x
      offline? :( im back sorry my internet failed :(
      oh hey sorry my internet became gay , i havent followed you on tumblr yet , i will when i am done with my hw xo - the girl who asked for your tumblr hahahahaha it's fine! :) xx good luck with bio hw
      beautiful! yeah you are
      heyyyy ;) heyyy
      why so sexy? hahahahhahahahaah cayote
      why are you never online!! cause im busy doing nothing ha ha
      your picture is hot :) get online more often!! thanks and sorry im quite busy atm just ask me on my when you want to talk(d) to me
      do u like yr 7s?
      heyyyy heey
      your so pretty :) thanks beautiful x
      why are u never on!! i want to talk to u :c im sorry! just message me on ask if you want me to go on :)
      hii heey
      sweetie why arent you ever online? nobody talk(d)s to me looooooooooool and it hardly even logs me in properly