are you dating someone?? ahaha noo
      R u dating someone aha no
      If u and Liam get married u Wouldn\'t have to change ur last name lol gross
      suck my dick k
      Are you friends with any new kids??? They all look rlly weird lol alison is so so weird ://///////////
      Are you excited to go to Phuket with your big bro!!! :/
      closest friends at cdnis i have quite a few ceebs to list them
      Who is sexier, Max , Henry, Azaan, or Liam? did you really just ask if i thought my brother was sexy?
      Does liam have a gf? HAHAHAHAH nah
      hi? hi?
      are you friends with some of the people in the grade above you in CDNIS? not really aha just charles
      whooooooo? who who
      do u have a bf? yis
      You have to kill one of your closest friends at CDNIS, who would it be? (Just to add the element of death to ur talkd page :) ) hmm cat ha ha ha
      lol mdr
      who are some new friends you made recently friends not in your grade umm charles romi idk
      Why do you use talkd instead of ask? eh
      How are babies made? le secs happens
      Pop up x <3
      what wot m8
      u ditched me dude, i was gonna ask arent u close with them? ahah sorry my internet failed come talk to me again sorry
      dk idk
      hii hi