u r so swaggggggggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omg can't handle ur sass :O pls lyk me :/ mmmm gurl i can only like those that have equal sass and swag as me, maybe you need some lessons. ;) xoxoxoxox mwah mwah
      yoloswag hay do you know fed or Ed or whatever his name is? how much $w3G you have? an ed i know, fed no haha
      i am obsessed with doctor who and i thINK YOU'RE COOL omg doctor who is perf, can we just say that the finale HURT didn't it. im sorry that was mean. come talk to me at school or whenever haha :) x
      I told you to leave jhl ALONE calm yo tits girl, i dont even know him
      Yollo *yolo ;)