Elise Dean Wolf

New York City

      yo yo yo i havent been on in so long!
      copy catt. Oh and why can't i talk to you? hmmmm?
      hey why are you not online? sorry my talkd was messed up im just getting peoples questions.
      how r u supposed to chat someone im online now!
      I love you Elise. I really really love you. -sebi awks awks awks
      do you wanna know who this is?8===D ehhh
      why are you so hot thankssssss?
      hayyy hiiii :)
      stop guys who made the tiny pic of WILEYYY. its hilariousss i know right. idk who made it thoughhhh.
      im anon omg really.
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdeV3fOxJmQ i should be playing harder songs after the amount of time ive been playing... wait is that you playing, or the song you can play.
      http://tinypic.com/r/4g278j/5 omg omg omg who are you
      one sec ill post it again okay....?
      somebody sent me this a long time ago. I wont say who I am or who sent me this...but: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/v/972654_190916911066202_418734887_n.jpg?oh=39e14a39ebb66931953934fd9ff351e8&oe=519FC464&__gda__=1369476390_5 "An error occurred while processing your request." Helpful
      kl a mi tambien! omg twinssss.
      mine aww poor child.
      whats ur third language at skl spanishhhhhh
      internet connection so damn slow! mine or yours?
      go back to a country you visited if you really liked it, or go new places every time? new places i think.
      yes seeeeee
      no - "im buzzlightyear" to ∞ and beyond?
      to ∞ and beyond i did just say that did i not.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dseOc7-5bs&feature=youtube_gdata_player urggh penn station at 4:45 am hahahahh im really not a morning person.
      Riku vs you at photography? in your opinion um were really different. i shoot mainly black and white and he does a lot of color. also he does like landscape where as i do mainly portraits and objects.
      any good photographers dans la m4? um well i think riku would kill me if i didnt say him, but i dont really know many people who take photos
      what kind>? um the normal? idek
      do u hav sunflower seeds? i want some.. :( haha i actually do, thats something i always have in ma house.
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWjX1Uj4KV8 i appreciate your humor.
      im buzzlightyear to ∞ and beyond?
      still no works...I do not understand your people things...what are this! this is talkd.
      what are this http://youtu.be/t4sXjJJjcWQ oh lord jenna marbles.
      I am a dog, and I do not know what your people things are....what are this um excuse me?
      urgh chat no work WHAT ARE THIS? reload the page, there should be chat :P
      guess who i am ehh i need more than that. chat moi.
      why is the chat thing not working? it wont work for anyone. theres something wrong with it
      hi heyyyyy
      ughhhhhhh graahhhhhhhh
      okeee dokie
      WAIT HOW DO U DO A PRIVATE CHAT?? the thing on here is messed up so find another way
      hay gurl hay lol i wanted to know about this daniel noelle thing, i'm confused lmao private chat?
      NIAAAAA ohemgee hey whats cooking good looking
      UR TWIN HEHEHEHE mayra or nia
      do u even know who this is? i dont know tell me
      tis me ^.^ whats cracking
      elise anonym
      do you like sloths better than sebi? haha i like sloths as pets because they are the most wonderful creatures i like sebi as a boyfriend because he is not an animal therefore i like both but in different ways O.o
      ur not online homie i should be refresh the page?
      hav you ever kissed a girl? on the cheek yeah as like an actual kiss that means something, no.
      lol, idk what happened you're offline reload the page?
      queens kids miss youu, juliana and noelle hhahah i know right i mean who wouldnt?