Dario Roberto

look at the flick this wrist

      hey dario have you heard of rachel wong? shes pretty popular atm.... ????????????
      hi darling hello friend
      你使用谷歌翻譯 sorry i cant speak mandarin
      炸脏腿好吃 Delicious fried dirty legs?????
      cute girls who are older than you? moeno, sonas, emily, noel, nina, amy f, catherine r, charlie, cat, ava c, giada, ella m, karina, becky, noel, and many more i can't think of atm
      your an asshole if this is noel, i was fucking with you!!
      hey talk on chat!!
      It's u not me not is oyu
      Still broken maybe its just you
      Poo talk to me on chat, nerd
      broken just like your dreams
      ur talkd is no working i know, isigned out
      u eat poo so do you
      hello yo
      ask fm is way better i can't have a conversation on ask fm
      bc ur not kellan lutz I KNOW YOU WANT IT TASSA
      get ova urself idc abotu ur penis no you want it, tassa
      how much longer will it take for you to get abs? i think you can get them soon i just lost a lot of weight, IS THAT NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU it'll take about a year tops
      do you have abs? not YET
      dario yes?
      HEY B HEY D
      How tight are your pants? tighter then a nuns butthole
      thoughts on ava champion and alysha tarr? ava champion is really nice, and funny, and so is alysha. they're fun to hang out with