Chloe Robinson

      çok tatlısın bebeğim Allah bana bağışlasın :D don't understand that
      youre on talkd every time i visit...maybe u forgot to close it on your phone or something? don't have it on my phone! haha
      you\'re always on talkd do you just leave it on what no haha i hardly go on here
      hiii heyy (:
      no plz I want askfm why?
      plz get askfm why just ask me here :)
      get askfm just ask me questions here instead :)
      hottest guy in yr 12 and yr 13? nahh haha
      do you have ask fm? nope!
      r u still in stc? yep!
      sexysin ???
      Hello Chloe Hi (:
      wats ur bra size no
      HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI im sexier than justin bieber. good for you you must be extremely sexy then
      r u the person who put her arm around tayyabs shoulder aftr assembly whut haha
      WHAT. WHY ARE YOU OFFLINE i'm online :)))
      you are a fag okay
      Hottest guy in yr 8? Alex x
      who do you like? ask me off anon? :) x
      hey hey! :)
      hai hai
      HI POO POO hi hahah
      hello hiii! :)
      hey hey :)
      hey gurl, TYRONE AND LAQUISHA. you better remember our childhood :3 hehehhehehe BUTTERFLY BUDDIES HAHAHAHA KATIE <3
      hi hiii! :)
      hi hi :)