Is talkd not working or are you not online? I wasn't online, but I also think it's not working at the moment :/
      hey heyy
      i saw you dancing at prom with bprem. What do you think of bprem? hi bprem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
      I think last resort is pretty good what's it about?
      no good tv shows, or stuff on tv to watch I have kinda watched everything and I don't know what other show i should start, any suggestions?
      what's up? nothing much, watching some videos before I die of boredom
      gotta love room service yahh man, but I don't really use it that much
      cus it sounds fun to live in a hotel for a month actually 2 months i think ahah but yeh it's great
      is it a big room? it's ok, haha why do you care so much
      oh, what's the hotel like? it's lovelyyy
      are you living in a hotel before you move to germany? yes, I already moved out of my house haha
      finals :/ but at least there's summer after that oh :/ good luck!
      how's it going? good, what about youuu
      do you like poptarts uh kindaa, they are alright
      are you graduating in germany? maybe, maybe not. I will either stay there for one year and move somewhere else or stay 3 and graduate there
      are you coming back to visit thailand? probably in two or three years, I will do everything to visit :)
      how you spending them last days in bangkok I don't know yet but I have a bit more than a month left so I will really just do whatever I feel like
      How was IYA? I actually really enjoyed it, i think it was a lovely way to spend my probably last hike in thailand :)
      chat doesn't seem to work? oh really, that sucks, just ask me questions then i am so boreddd
      Bra size? um non of your business :* :*
      now days u never online :( sorry, I have been really busy, but I am online now :)
      dude your tits are nice thanks mate
      i cant talk to u talkd is being a bitch yeh i know it was down yesterday, try again? :)
      hey heyy
      chiara what to dooo i don't know mate
      Why are you never online? I ammmmm, refresh your page?
      Honest thoughts on Bprem. s t o p
      Why is bprem so amazing? idk man
      Why are u not online? i ammm!
      Hey supp
      remmbermeeeee i don't know who you are??
      Heyyyy heyy
      Lebprem james is super funny the funniest guy i ever met why don't you date him? .
      Bprem is super funny he is the funniest guy i have ever met why don't you date him? .
      What personality would you be looking for in a guy that will make you want to date him umm I would probably want him to be funny, not too cocky or clingy and ummm someone that I can just be comfortable and myself around :)
      Who do you like? NOONEEEEEEEEE
      who do you like? koki? nicholo? haha noone?
      What do you think of the great lebprem james ? um he's nice
      hey yoo
      what does Hiroko think or Mr C she hasn't replied to me yet but ask again later :)
      at wows in year 8 when you fell asleep on the train, some of the guys tried to grab your boob without you waking up. like 3 did then you started snoring. awkward what the fuck.........................................................................
      hello :) hey :)
      good so how is life in school it's alright, not a lot of work now so it's chill!:)
      hey i'm a guy and i really like you but scared to talk to you on chat :) how are you? naw, don't be scared! :) talk to me I am friendly I swear haha I am good, how are you?
      whaaats up :3 doing tech work, do you wanna do it for me?:)