specify luca but thats a given pretty much the entire population of hk agrees oh mats i forgot to mention him in nice sophmores haha there are more but i can't think of any atm
      what sophomore guys are attractive? several:)
      nicest sophmoores/juniors.seniors? tora and keelin and hannah f are sooso nice. jessie lew, olivia isley, i don't know too many others that actually talk to me:))
      who? something tells me they might not want their names out there about this kinda topic:)
      do other people in your grade drink? yeah a couple
      basically you go there to meet people and buy drinks, no teachers ever come, ever kay i've heard that and i've heard that people see you so idrk what to think haha
      thats not really how sunnies works.... aight then explain to me how it does:)
      its not bad if you do, just wondering if you are planning on going to sunnies? probably not. i mean if i were to drink id do it away from places where teachers can go and stuff
      do you drink? not currently but im not against it. why?
      hows hs going? it's been good:)
      it says youre offline relaod the page kk:)
      like it wont let me talk to you oh i know it's weird it won't let me get any chats
      won't let me anon talk to you? what what?
      do u noe joy n? yup
      he she
      hey babyyyyy no.
      yoooo shiggaa shiggaa?
      hi hey
      hi hey
      thoughts on 9th grade guys? which ones?