Yolo swag
      Do you want my d? sure
      I wish we were as close as we used to be tell me who you are
      I miss you so much! miss you too
      Do you like ice tea? yes
      I miss you but you don't care about me :'( i care so much omgggggggg (cryin)
      SLUZZA dont h8 me coz u aint me
      Thoughts on Tia Tsinanis??? greaaaaaaaat girl
      Favourite person you know starting with a G gucciluccomanula
      ARE YOU A VIRGIN sheeeeeeit
      R u leso? sheit u got me
      Cgs, xav, lau, hte, ggs, mgs, mggs and rty they're nice even tho i dont kow who they are
      Thoughts on Molly, Luke, David, Sean, Harrison, Charlotte oh and nick? whoooo? what school?
      Who is one person you miss from haileybury that you want to catch up with soon ummmmm, josie tinkler
      Swagger yolo
      Swag queen swagger jagger
      Suck my weenies imok
      Do you like willy luv it
      Talk d is gay yeah i knoqww
      Hey man hey
      I want you greaaat
      Sex? nah
      HEY BEB hi
      Can I give you an orgasm? im alright
      HEY BEB heeeey
      Your DP looks like your having an orgasm ok thnx
      Hey hey