go online im online
      quicklyy eeeh it says chat is onnn
      nah try fix it babee im trying
      its not working it should beee
      Finally u got it working i did?
      Think u turned off chat check in settings there is no settings
      i want my african child to be called Jamal noice
      No. KONY no *coney
      yu rape them, because you are kony island queen its *coney
      do you like small african children? yes theyre cute
      get on your stupid fucking bike and get out of my life! i dont ride bikes
      you never realize how pointless this website is until you try to describe it to someone dats true
      can u be in my porno no
      im a scout man ok
      no, its true as it is. <3 nah <3
      bs, im a chanel you are supre switch it
      youre so ugly the mirror doesnt reflect you it rejects you last time i checked it reflected, unless that wasnt me in the mirror :O
      i am chanel, you are crocs switch it around, then its true :3
      don’t associate with people that think they’re too good for mcdonalds ok, point taken
      every once in a while i check up on people i hate to make sure i still hate them i do same here
      *throws nut at you while youre crying over a breakup* oh sorry did i cashew at a bad moment? ahahahahhahah luv it
      because they’re pricks haha good one
      why shouldn’t you hang out with hedgehogs? they are prickly
      do you think prison guards use proactive to prevent breakouts yes i do
      Fixx it babe quick D: its not workinggggg sry
      try fix it plzz im tryinggg
      Restart it or something, this is bascially jus like qooh me i did restart itttt
      Its not workinggg D: fuck
      go online so I can chat to u i am online D:
      i have the ketchup song stuck in my head i said a hey a hah a hey hebba to the habbe mersedies no wah a hubby agah boogy agah boogy ebeve haha same here
      i bought a rubber duck today that is actually jesus holding a lamb but it’s a rubber duck too wow
      is it courtney? good guess but im not telling
      do they go to brighton at least? yaha
      is it tyler? good guess but im not telling
      wants to know who theyre about well im not telling, who do you think theyre about?
      but evry1 else does :((((((((((((((( everyone else wht?
      why nooooott? :'( because i dont want to
      ur like omg, look at my arm... oh what? you see my scratches. ooops what the actual fuck
      people are curious... pleeeeeaaaasseeees nup
      well if people know then why dont you just say? lol i dont need to
      do you think you have like a mental illness or something, because you seem like you want people to know wait what?
      both oh ok then
      why dont you just say? whats the point of posting them if you dont want the person to know? i think people get the hint anyway so i dont need to spell it out <3
      i think i know who they're to lol which one?
      i would loose myself before i could loose you i lost myself but then i lost you too im phsyco
      i am going to cut all your limbs off and throw you in a bath of salt xo watch out
      who is that one too? not telling
      <3 back off or i will rip your hair out <3 i will.
      when you wake up from a particularly disturbing dream and just stare at the ceiling for a while like what crevice of my mind did that even seep from me everynight
      lets all just take a moment to remember how great it was being in the womb amen