who am i ? im suicidal im ugly im fat i have the worse personality and im a mistake. you ?
      um ew soz
      slut. how ?
      hoe. thankyou
      are ur boobs fake um no
      ermahgerd guys look at mi gois i hav a tumblr n i reblog depressing stuff to get attention ermahgerd now ill update mi skype status and post a photo on instagram omg kms ok
      r u & bri friends obvs
      sorry ive been asking so many questions loll. no its amusing me :P
      whos actually there for u? brianna and erin.
      you and bree are cute friends fankyou
      your feet smell great thanks bri
      i watched you sleep last night <3 <3 from brianna. ilys
      i was smelling you virtually today, you smell like sex appeal hey bri
      ur cute babe thanks
      do you like tacos? not really..
      are you friends with monica yeah i guess
      does monica like carlos still? why would i tell you
      your monica reasons bestfriemd right idk anymore... i think its riona ?
      Do u hav a boyfriend no
      Hey babe <3 heyo
      how does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the world ;) i wouldnt know..