ahhhhhhhhh how where Hahah there should be a massive text box.. if not maybe try refreshing the page?
      hello Type in the text box! don't ask a 'question'
      Hello gorgeous :) talk to me in the box thing. Don't send a question.
      is it correct now? I'm confused too :( it should just let you chat with me. Your still just asking a question, it's not like the fast chatting thing.
      Do I need to sign up to do that? Because the only option right now is talk :( No you don't need to sign up to do that! For me it will come up with a little anonym thing and it will be you talking to me :) If it's too hard to figure out, it's okay. But I'll stay on in case you figure it out.
      This is Maddie! Is this how I'm supposed to do it hhahah You asked a question! uhhmm.. I don't know how to describe it, just send me a normal message! :)
      ur offline go!
      m8 whered you go? send me another message
      Hi what is this thing don't send me a question. just talk in the normal chat thing so we can talk consistently :)
      Do you like 2 fuck all da taime.
      why r u so sxc? bby